Chemical Industries

Description :

Semi Automatic Filling System is a liquid filling machine such as oil, oil, lubricants, and chemicals works based on the input value (input) of the weighing system. Replaces the manual filling system performed by the operator based on the estimated weighing value and speed of closing the filling tap. Integration between weighing systems that are equipped with control in the form of output voltages (Analog / Digital Output) with other filling equipment such as automatic taps (electric / pneumatic valve), nozzle height positioner, and other electrical equipment settings are needed inside this system. Limitations of the weighing system in terms of receiving input voltage (Analog / Digital Input) and voltage output (Analog / Digital Output) requires the need for additional equipment such as PLC (Programable Logic Control) and its programming system.

Benefit :

- Integrating all data and system controls in 1 MASTER UNIT.

- Controlling each controller unit in terms of operation so that operators do not need to input batch numbers and numbers, target product weight, product type (foaming / non foaming).

- Work Order from Server received by MASTER CONTROL STATION will be sent to each controller.

- If there is a mismatch in the target value or batch number sent from the server, the operator can immediately make corrections to the MASTER CONTROL STATION;

- As a precaution if the software system currently in use is damaged;

- Prevents target input errors and the designated weighing system unit.

Goal definition

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