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Logistic Industries

Dynamic Weighing System (DWS) is one of the logistic project. DWS located between the conveyor machine and sorting line, to measure the weight, dimension, and scanning barcode automatically, then the software will upload the data information to e-commerce, courier, logistic, warehouse management system in real time.

Benefit :

- DWS can work woth high speed conveyor system, the weight, volume, barcode information can be read accurately when the conveyour belt speed at 1.2 – 1.5 m’s.

- Measuring weight, volume and reading barcode when the parce is moving on machine, the data will upload the serve in real time, high efficiency to 3600 parcels/hour. .

- The data collected by DWS can be direcly used in the management system, multiple data transfer modes, support customize.

- The alarm will ring and conveyor will stop, if abnormal conditions such as miss reading/ measuring. .

- The DWS system uses a module design concept. Can meet the various need of customers, provide a variety of application methods. To facilitate customer integration into the existing assembly line.

Goal definition

we always want to provide the best for our customers so that they feel comfortable working with us and become our partners in meeting the needs of digital scales.


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