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Packaging Inspection Line

Description :

Implementation of WMS (Warehouse Management System) is very urgent in order to increase accuracy and speed up at picking process at W/H. The other side, Track and trace system for product is also mandatory for us. The best solution that can support both is make the unique identity of carton that easier than unique identity of primary packaging of product.

Benefit :

- Prevent the mistake when picking process at W/H be Example Less or over quantity of carton, SKU mistake, etc.

- We can track and trace the product from production destination.

- As one of automation programs for new Factory BC.

Goal definition

we always want to provide the best for our customers so that they feel comfortable working with us and become our partners in meeting the needs of digital scales.


We know and understand about our products in specifications so that we always suggest what product is right for your needs.


We provide training and installation support to customers so that they understand how to use our products in their operations.